Friday, December 21, 2007

High Dynamic Range -- Photoshopt Tutorial

Ok, with the popularity of my last tutorial booming right now, I decided to throw down another tutorial before I am considered dead in the water. Today I'm going to be doing two tutorials regarding faking HDR imagining within Photoshop. H(igh)D(ynamic)R(ange) photography has long been desirable but unless you have a tripod and a 10+mp camera, a lot of time, experience and patience, good luck.

So I will be detailing a quick fix in HDR and a longer (but ultimately better) way of faking HDR within Photoshop CS3.

Version 1 HDR -- Easy fix
First things first, find yourself a good image. It is suggested that the image be of good size. (above 800/600)

Apply an Unsharp Mask

250 Pixel

Duplicate Layer


Saturation -80

It'll look like this!

Set layer to 25% Opacity
Blend Mode: Overlay

It'll look like this!

Merge Visible


Saturation +10

The final product of the easy 5 step process for faked HDR imaging in Photoshop!

And here is a progression of the steps above!


Andre Sugai said...

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